Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A Shout- Out!

This is a birthday shout out to my "spunkalicious" Tia Ana and my "sweetalicious" friend Ky.

First Tia...

(I'm having some technical difficulties, so I can't put some of my favorite old pictures up...I'll have to save them for next year.)


My Tia Ana is my mom's youngest sister. She has always been a huge part of my life. Heavenly Father put her in my life knowing that someday she would save it. She has always been there for me... through college days and boyfriend drama, to putting me back together when my world came crashing down.  She was there when Aric and I met, and has seen me through every joy and every crisis that life has brought me.

June 2007 118


She is always tons of fun.



When she comes to visit, it is always about the girls. Every free moment is devoted to them. She and my uncle have made great sacrifices for her to come and visit. Her nieces are her "practice grandchildren" and she takes her role very seriously.

August 2007 033


She comes bearing gifts galore and my girls soak up all the "brown sugar" they can.


Happy Birthday Tia Ana!

I thank God that you were born. Your life has been an example and a great blessing to me. We are sending lots and lots of brown sugar your way! We love You!


Now Ky...

me ky5

Here's to you my sweet friend!


me ky4 

Nearly twenty years later we are still a part of each others lives. I was always the loud and crazy one, she was always the reserved sweet one. I will cherish our memories and I will ALWAYS love my sweet friend Kylene.

*I lost touch with Ky for a couple of years and we found each other again through blogging. Click here to read the post I did when I was trying to find her.


So here's my "Happy Birthday" shout out to these two fabulous women that have blessed my life....can I get HOLLA!!!!!!!!!!


AMY said...

There seriously seems to be a "favorite" aunt so-to-speak in every family.

kc and k said...

Oh man, did you have to post those again:)!

Your Tia Ana is so cool! I feel like I totally know her, but I was like 4 when I last saw her.

Tia Ana, thanks for saving my friend's life when probably no one else could have and Happy Birthday!

Thanks and love you!

Mrs Ana said...

It's an honor to share a birthday with Ky. I always loved your family Ky and still do. Happy Birthday to you as well. Thanks Jess for such a fun post! You captured my crazy side very well! I've had a very fun day!! You for sure trumped up my kids!!

Jean McKendrick said...

Cute pictures! Your aunt seems like she is a lot of fun.

Jenny Erazo said...

Well Happy Birthday to both of those women! You are a good friend and niece.

Bridget said...

How fun. Think about the fun memories your daughters will have growing up together too.

♥Shally said...

I have a Tia ADA. :)

Love her too.

How cool that you found your friend through blogging!!

Jean McKendrick said...

MOST of the time it is warm here, too warm. This has been an unusually cold month!

Natalie said...

your tributes are always the best. Will you do one for me? HAHA.. Just kidding:).

Ilene said...

Man, all my kids get is white sugar.

Lauren in GA said...

What a great tribute post to both, Tia Ana and Ky! Happy birthday to both! HOLLA!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love the pictures of your beautiful Tia and the girls! The one of her playing the pink drum captures her playful spirit!

I adore picutes from the past. The ones of your friend Kylene and you are so priceless ☺.

I love the, "brown sugar", too. So cute!