Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas Happenings...

Christmas Piano Recital

Eden just started piano lessons in September, so this was her first recital. She did an AMAZING job. I was so proud of her!

Maya's sheet music wouldn't stay on the piano so she set it aside and played by memory! She struggled a little through it but even though she was completely stressed out she got through to it.

I am really impressed with their new piano teacher, both girls love it and are playing up a storm.

Camden was not the most supportive little brother. In fact he was so loud we had to take him out numerous times. It didn't help that we sat right next to the refreshment table, so he had to stare at the goodies during the whole recital. Typical two stuff...gotta love it.

Maya's 5th Grade Christmas Program

Maya was sandwiched between these darling boys, Braunsen and Beaudry. They are my awesome friend, Cami's, twins. Aric was out of town that night so I sat with Cami and her husband Mark. Thank heaven I had them to sit with because Camden would have never sat still with me the way did for them.

He loved the music and loved clapping at the end of each song.

Baby Shower Hosting

Just so happened I planned this shower the same night as Maya's program. Not smart. Then Aric found out he had to go out of town at the last minute. The night was on track to be a disaster, but Mark took all three of my kids after the program and saved the night.

The shower was a success and Jessica R. and I were twinners and we didn't even plan it! 
(By the walls are not florescent green)

Elder Sieb 

Five years ago Sieb was a missionary in our ward and we loved him. The girls loved him. He came back to visit a family he had baptized five years ago and we got to see fun!

Maya's Dance Recital

Maya started lyrical ballet back in September. She has been loving it. When I saw her performance I was   overjoyed watching her dance. I was giddy. I love to dance and had there been lyrical ballet when I was growing up I would have been all over it. I am so happy that she found a dance that she loves.

Eden was a super supportive sister. Even though she wanted to be the one performing she love watching Maya perform.

We had a lovely visit with Santa too but that deserves it's own separate post.


Kimberly said...

This is Ky's sister, Kim, I am a piano teacher and I just thought I'd pass along a little tip. If you staple your sheet music to an open file folder, it stays on the piano perfectly! But it's always best if they have the piece memorized. P.S. I love reading your blog! And I love reading Ana's too!

calibosmom said...

Loved reading the update on your very talented kiddos! I just read Eden's quote on the side about Jillian-made me laugh. She could totally show her a thing or two!

Rochelleht said...

Wow, have YOU been busy!! I am so glad we didn't have any recitals during Dec. In fact, we didn't have ANY programs or concerts. We are normally swamped with that stuff. Your girls are so super cute. LOVED seeing the pic of them when they were little. Ah, how time flies. Just think... In a few short years, Camden won't be two! And you'll wonder where the time went.

Jean McKendrick said...

I am envious of the school Christmas program. Neither one of my kids had a program which I think is really sad. In fact the class "party" for Kai was even downright sad and his teacher did NOT want any help. I offered.
Your girls are beautiful and talented Jessica.

Lauren in GA said...

You are amazing!

You and Jessica R. are adorable twinners!

That is so impressive that Maya was able to play her music by memory! All of your kids are impressive! Don't worry Camden...I wouldn't have been able to sit by the refreshment table without being distrated by them ☺.

Lauren in GA said...

I meant, "distracted"...not distrated.