Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Thanksgiving...Utah Style. Part Three.

Top 11 Memories of Thanksgiving 2010
11. No Traditional Turkey. Nope. Monica found a turkey and dumpling stew so we (meaning I made the stew and Monz made the dumplings). It turned out pretty good for a couple of amateurs.

10. No Cable. No Satellite. No Football. This was tragic. I'm not sure if Aric will ever truly recover from that depravation.

9. Celebrating C's birthday with the cousins and Papa Joe.

8. More desserts than side dishes. Ben made two cheese cakes, I made a batch of cupcakes and a pie
 (by pie I mean putting one of Marie Calendars in the oven)

7. Going to Ammon's flooded dorm.

6. Driving around BYU campus to show the girls my old stomping grounds.

5. Thirty minutes under the sink taking apart the disposal and pipes to unclog them thanks to Aric's thorough potato peeling job.

4. Leah meeting Camden for the first time.

3. Ben getting three newspapers so that there were plenty of adds to go around.

2. Putting my arms around the loved ones who have a big chunk of my heart. 

1. Aric lovingly pointing out that I was the oldest one there and that I am the "maternal" presence. Seriously, I totally didn't need that pointed out...and heaven help us all if I am the one in charge!


mrsmonje said...

your family seriously looks like so much fun!

Lauren in GA said...

Oh, no...Ammon's dorm flooded? That is awful!!

#8 is awesome. More desserts than side dishes is my idea of a great menu. I had to laugh about the Marie Calendars. We were joking at a party we went to last week that Sister Calendar is a wonderful member of every ward.

Mrs Ana said...

Hahahaha!!! Loved Lauren's comment about Sister Calendar. Loved all the Thanksgiving posts but this was the most anticipated one and my favorite because I got to see my kids! Glad to see Ammon's bed so nicely made. Nice Thanksgiving spread I'm very impressed!Love my handsome nephew in-law's new look! I know you probably don't want to hear about that! :) Love the group picture!

Monica Kay said...

I LOVE this post! And our stew. I've been craving it for about a week...especially now that I'm sick. MISS YOU GUYS!!