Monday, December 6, 2010

Thanksgiving...Utah Style. Part Two.

So Festivus with the Samps started immediately upon our arrival.

Good food and fun times were in abundance...Amy made her very first apple pie for us. It was so yummy! That pie was just the beginning of the nine day food fest that we thoroughly enjoyed. All of that will be documented in more depth later.


The girls were beyond thrilled to be in Utah with their buddies. They have always brought out the fun dancing side of Aidan and Jack. So one of the first things they did when we got there was create a band. They rehearsed all day long...they only performed in the dark so their band name was "Out of the Dark". 

Camden was a back up dancer.

The kids loved Amy's cute Family Home Evening activity making gratitude turkeys. 

On Monday Amy and I spent three glorious hours in Tai Pan without kids. I was so excited to get some Christmas stuff. My front room tree is now acceptable. 

The past three years I have been shopping the after Christmas sales for just the right ornaments and now my friends it is finished. 

My other two favorite finds...


On Tuesday we went downtown Salt Lake and met up with my stepdad Joe who happened to be in town too. 

There was a huge blizzard that was coming in so Temple Square shut down early. We still managed to do some sight seeing...

I can't decide what my favorite part was. I have been to Temple Square so many times but this was hands down the best. I loved seeing it through my children's eyes. 
All these things they have seen on TV or in pictures was right there in front of their faces. Not only could the see the beauty with their own eyes, but they could also feel the spirit that dwells in that special place. 

It was cold but we had a great time. We warmed up with some hot chocolate at Barnes and Noble. My girls used their hard earned money to buy books as souvenirs.

We had to drive back in the blizzard only stopping for some essential snow gear. Thankfully it was just a 20 mile drive  back to Layton.


On Wednesday the kids couldn't wait to get in the snow so we bundled them all up (minus C) and let them play their little hearts out. 

Mike was the only adult brave enough to go out and supervise.

Later that day Amy and I took the kiddos (minus C) to see Tangled. It was such a cute movie, I never take my girls to movies so this was a real treat. The guys stayed home to take care of Camden (while he napped) so really they just watched football but that was okay, they needed some guy bonding time too.

Stay tuned for the goodness of Thanksgiving 2010! 


Natalie said...

your trip to utah was SO. MUCH. BETTER. than mine and i'm so glad for you that it was:). tangled was delightful, wasn't it?

Mrs Ana said...

Hahahaha......what Blizzard???? I'm sorry, I had to laugh that you can see the grass on the ground. That was not a blizzard!! The kids look smashing in their snowgear though!

Lindsey said...

um. TAI PAN???? My favorite place on the PLANET??? I am jealous. I LOVE that place! :)Looks like you have been having a fantastic time.

mrsmonje said...

First I love all the pics! Second i love your kids and third I hope my family looks as good as yours once I start having babies! Oh and i LOVE your tree!!!

Lauren in GA said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your tree. It is perfect!

Love the band the kids formed and their adorable back up dancer. That is sweet that they thought of a way to include him in the fun.

That is wonderful that your children got to see Temple Square. I love the family picture in front of the Christus statue.

just the five of us said...

HOLY COW!!! I bought the same frosted ornaments and the words painted like yours at Thai pan trading, except my letters spell HO, HO, HO (: