Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thanksgiving...Utah Style. Part One.

Let's begin with the 11 hour road trip shall we?....

We left at around 10am...only two hours later than we had hoped. I made sure the girls and myself had our appropriate doses of Dramamine. We had the car loaded to the max and I made sure everything was strategically placed...laptop, snacks, books, diapers, wipes, hand sanitizer, movies, headphones, snuggies, etc...A storm was rolling in but Aric felt confident in his North Dakota raising to tackle them roads so off we went.

Montana proved to be the monster that I have always known it to be. Long, cold, winding, boring, windy and...did I already say cold? Yeah, I was freezing inside my car with a coat, heat on full blast and my uggs on. I don't do cold.


Camden only slept 45 minutes of our 11 hour drive...let me say that again...C ONLY SLEPT 45 MINUTES!!!!!! I captured this picture of the miracle.


Thank heavens for the six hours of "Little Bill" I had downloaded onto my laptop!


We also kept him happy by playing his favorite he is dancing with Charlie his dog.


The only way we could get the headphones to stay on C's head was by putting this puppy on his head.


Between all the snack distributing, paci retrieving, music selecting, and crayon finding I was distracted by the roads. Which was a good thing because in the moments I was aware of the treacherous conditions I was in fetal position praying my heart out.


We saw 11 accidents. Three were roll over ones. There were times where cars would just disappear in front of us because of the snow/wind would blind their headlights.

Once we got to Logan I could finally breathe again.

~ LoGaN ~

We stayed one night with our buddies the Jenkins. They moved almost a year ago and we have missed them so much! Being the wonderful friends that they are, they kindly delayed their holiday trip a day so that we could spend one night together. Maya and Hannah were overjoyed to see each other again!


You would think with how little Camden slept he would have crashed immediately. But No. He was a wild man showing of his dance moves and being super crazy. I thought after about an hour he would finally just crash...But NO again. He eventually fell asleep at midnight only to wake at 3am and jump on the bed and sing/swear until he FINALLY crashed at 6:30am. He kept saying da#*et over and over again while laughing his head off. A and I were so deliriously tired we just laughed and gave up trying to figure out where he had learned such language.

The next morning we were supposed to go to church at 9am with my friend Jenny, but her kids got sick and well...our kid kept us up all night and there was no way I was going to wake him up. So unfortunately we missed her and church.

Once everyone was up and going we said good bye to the Jenks and headed to see "My Randi" and her husband. We hung out with them for a bit. Camden managed to not break anything and the girls were kept happy with some hot cocoa made with love from Randi.



After that visit we were on the road again. This time to North Salt Lake to visit my friend Jen and her family.


We had a great visit with them. The girls were in absolute heaven playing with Hailey and Megan. Camden was in heaven because he kept finding snacks and stuffing his mouth with them.



As always, our visit with the Murph's was too short but we loved every minute we got to spend with them.


By dinner time we were in Layton, our final destination.

Our Festivus with the Sampson's was about to begin!!!!!!


just the five of us said...

You are so brave to drive in the storm. We also drove to Utah, but it was just Calla, Maddie and I. So..because of this, we drove to Mesquite Nevada on Wednesday and the rest of the way on Thursday. Because of the storm rolling on Saturday night, we rolled out of town on Saturday afternoon. I am glad you had a safe trip and got to visit friends and family. (:

Jess said...

and we all made it home safe.....wheewww ;)

Dave and Ash said...

Ah, crap that happens to other people is always so funny! (Don't worry, I'll burn in hell) My favorites were Camden with the dog on his head under the headphones and his late night bad word jumping party.

mrsmonje said...

Im so glad you guys made it safe and sound and in one piece! Looks like you had a great time cant wait to read more!

Natalie said...

that camden is one funny kid. we were traveling to/from utah the week before and the roads were dreadful on the way home. scary! glad that you made it in one piece and only used one swear word the whole time;). can't wait for parte dos...

Mrs Ana said...

Now you know why the Millers don't go anywhere for the holidays. I would never survive the bad roads and the weather. Glad you made it home safely! love ya!

Randi said...

I was so SO good to see you guys. I can't even tell you. I feel so blessed that you guys took the time to come see us! And I'm so in love with Camden. I'm so happy that I finally got to meet him.

Rochelleht said...

Brave brave brave...

Lauren in GA said...

WHOA!!! 11 accidents!!!!! I am so glad you all were safe. I guess Aric was right...his North Dakota raising served him well.

I am laughing at the puppy to help Camden's headphones stay put.

So you didn't like Camden jumping on the bed at 3 am? Killjoy.