Friday, December 10, 2010

Thanksgiving...Utah Style. Part Four...The Final Chapter.

Honestly I have to get this freaking holiday documented before Christmas!

On Friday we were able to go back down to Salt Lake and do all the stuff we wanted to do minus the "blizzard".

My stepdad Joe joined us again for the day/evening.

We went and saw the movie "Joseph, the American Prophet" which was awesome. Camden sat riveted through the whole thing.

Afterward we met up with our good friends the Dickson's. We have known each other for ten years but Aric and Jason hadn't seen each other for 9 of those years. I left my stinking camera at Mike and Amy's so I have no pictures of this fun reunion! I am so sad about it, seriously you have NO idea how bummed I am.

We went to the Conference Center and then the Church Art History Museum. After that the Dickson's had to go home and then the Samp's showed up to see the lights with us.

It was cold but we were able to warm up in one of the visitors centers. This one had a picture of Esther. Maya and Eden both love the story and that painting. That painting was done by Minerva Tiechart, one of my grandpa's cousins.

Once we were sufficiently frozen we took Trax back to Gateway for Camden's birthday dinner.

(Eden and Jack on Trax)

Camden loved his Birthday Sundae! It took every ounce of me to let this mess happen. I don't do messes...especially cold sticky ones!

On Saturday Amy and I did a little shopping and then we ate Crown Burger with the guys and watched the BYU vs. U of U

We had the BEST time in Utah. We got to spend time with lots of people we love. I only wish we had more time to see everyone I love.

Mike and Amy were the best hosts. Every single minute was awesome. From the hug rubs to the tears, it was awesome. The kids had the best time together. It was like the play date that never ended.

It's hard to believe that eight months have passed since they moved. Thanks to blogs, emails and texts it's like they never left!...but they did. And now I'm sad all over again. We definitely made the most of our time together. It was the best sleepover ever!

We stayed up way too late every night watching scary shows and eating yummy treats...little debbies, mike and ikes, pie, more little debbies, rice crispy treats, funyons, kettle chips and sparkling water with the occasional Dr. Pepper.

Oh and Hickory Farms of course!!!!

Clearly we don't normally eat so bad but we only had five days together so we had to make the most of it...and we did! The ride home was equally terrifying as the drive over but it was worth it. We made the best memories, and we will cherish them forever!

And that my lovelies was our Thanksgiving...Utah Style. The perfect beginning to the holiday season.


Natalie said...

holy cow. that makes me tired just reading about it. that's a lot of fun cramming to do and you guys did it very well:)! Did you know that Minerva is my favorite lds artist? actually one of my favorite artists period? i love her work so much. can't wait to hear about your christmas:)...

just the five of us said...

We were in Utah too, we drove in after the blizzard, and left on Sunday before the second storm hit. It was just the girls and I. I wrote on your other post that we too stopped at Thai Pan Trading. That store is a tradition every time we go to Utah. We bought the same ornaments (the frosted ones) and we bought the letters that spelled ho, ho, ho! Too funny! Too bad we didn't run into each other shopping, that would have been fun.

It looks like you had a fantastic trip!! My girls loved the snow (since we never see it anymore). Glad you made it home safely!


the wrath of khandrea said...

i have read all of your utah posts. i do not like utah, but i will admit there is fun to be had there. and i'm glad you had it, and then some!

Jean McKendrick said...

I love seeing all your Utah pictures. I miss the west!

Rochelleht said...

What a fun fun trip! I loved reading about it all. Glad you guys made it there and back in one piece!!

Now, bring on Christmas!

calibosmom said...

Andrea cracks me up!
WHEW! That was a crazy whirlwind trip but it looked super fun. Cam is a whirlwind all by himself. I plan on going out this July-let me know if you are treking out again.

Lauren in GA said...

I have loved reading your trips to Utah posts, too.

I must compliment you on allowing the sticky birthday Sundae mess happen. Good job, mom!

I love the pictures. I have only been to Utah twice...and once was the MTC so...I was kind of locked up ;)...I really want to go there