Sunday, December 19, 2010


Snow is not my thing, NOT at all....but my kids love it! 

Camden needed some snow boots and my sister just happened to have a pair just his size. The only problem is that they are purple! The fashionista in me was over powered by the frugal-ista in me. 

My sister told Camden that they were "Viking Boots" (as in Minnesota Vikings). Camden loved the name and it stuck so he calls them his "biking boots".

Here are some pictures of my lovelies enjoying the white stuff I loathe.

The girl's and their first snowman of the season...

Two of my nieces came to play one day...Gisele.


As much as I don't like being in the snow, I love watching the kids play in it.

 As quickly as it came, it girls were so sad we weren't going to have a white Christmas but it looks like we may get one after all.


Natalie said...

It rained the other day and i thought i had died and gone to heaven. Snow would put me over the top happy. (But just for christmas) I wish it would 'weather' here...just sunny and warm. blah. enjoy your christmas week! I am so far behind this year and feeling strangely calm about it. i need a fire under my to you!!!

calibosmom said...

We just got our first snowfall today and it doesn't look like its gonna stop for a few days. I'm ok with snow- its the bitter cold that gets me. Love the Viking boots!

Jean McKendrick said...

I just read another friends post on her blog and her little boy (who is #4 in her family) was wearing purple snow pants. She said by number 4 they get whatever fits no matter what the color! I love it!!
My kids were able to see snow and sled this year. The first night we were here it snowed. They were in heaven. I have forgotten how much work it is to dress everyone appropriately for the weather. What a chore!

Lauren in GA said...

I think the purple is cute! It kind of looks blue in the don't worry. He is adorable in his, "biking boots" and snow pants no matter the color!